We were invited to go and check out INSA‘s “one-night-only” installation on Thursday night, so went down to the Londonewscastle Project Space on Redchurch Street to check it out. The Londonewcastle Project Space is on The Huntingdon Estate in Shoreditch. It used to be a printwork building, but was converted into a creative gallery space four years ago. They host exhibitions, galleries, installations and fashion shows/pop-up shops and film screenings.

UK artist INSA describes his world as one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide, and those themes were carried on in this installation. The installation was a massive optical illustion, featuring a pair of buxom ladies whose already voluptuous figures were exaggerated by photographic/photoshop voo-doo skills. Because all of the walls, as well as the floor, were absolutely covered in the repeating pattern, there was some sense of visual trickery going on, like a hall of mirrors kind of thing. Except with more ass.

The first 50 of us to show up got a free signed and numbered print that won’t be available anywhere else, which the beautiful Arabella Drummond (who has been affiliated with INSA in the past) was handing out to the early birds.

A successful night for INSA. Congrats. Thanks to Thor and Stephen for taking photos.