NOTE: Over a year after we put together this blog post, Terry Richardson and his studio got in touch with us and served a DMCA notice, which is basically a demand to take down his photos.

If you don’t comply with a DMCA, you lose immunity from being sued for copyright infringement, so you basically have no choice but to take down the content. Not unless you fancy an expensive court case that you’ll probably lose.

So we’ve removed the photos, and we’ve noticed that the blog we found them on is no longer in existence.

We’re not sure why Terry would want to get rid of all traces of his work from the blogosphere, when other people are spending huge sums of money to get similar coverage.

Perhaps the problem was that many of the photos show Terry in compromising positions – which he may now want to keep hushed, what up with the recent rush of accusations of sexual misconduct being made against him.

Of course, it’s too late. The images are out there and people (including us) now know that he may well have pressured the people in the photos to get as crazy as they did. 12,000+ people believe this strongly enough to sign a petition urging the fashion industry to stop working with Terry Richardson.

Perhaps this whole thing has been more about protecting Terry’s professional image, than protecting his photographic images.

Either way, he’s lost a fan.

I Miss The Old Terry is a Tumblr blog that has posted 100s of photos from New York photographer Terry Richardson‘s archive – focussing on his older work which was far more idiosyncratic and outrageous than his recent work.

His images nowerdays seem a little tamer. Prettier models, but less drugs, less blood, less full frontal nudity. Think Gaga, not grunge – Leftbrain, not getting brain.

I agree with the Tumblr blogger, I miss the old Terry. Here is a heavy dose of old-skool Terry.




If you want to check out what Terry’s work looks like now, peep his photo diary.